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6 Qualities of a Good Charity Website for Donate

6 Qualities of a Good Charity Website  for Donate

 Charity Website  for Donate

 Charity Website  for Donate

A good charity website should primarily communicate the goal of the charity event stating why the fund's drive has been organized. It should let any website visitor to quickly identify why they need to associate themselves with this charity event and why they should help raise the money needed. Below are the checkpoints to consider when making a website to help a charity organization to meet this need.

How To Make A Successful Charity Website

1. Easy to navigate
A website for charity should be easy to navigate. This allows the website visitor to move around the site easily so that they can learn the course of the charity event. Being easily navigable ensures that the web visitor gets all the information they need in order to make a decision to help.

2. Search Engine Optimized
A charity website should be well optimized for the search engines. It should be easily found by the search engine robots for good listings without compromising on the capturing of the human interest. Both the on-page and off-page SEO should be optimal for good success.

3. Informative
Just like with any other good website, such a website for charity should have all the relevant information to help educate the public about the mission of the charity organization/event. The information on the website should be in-depth, well written and easy to understand. It should also use simple language and not tough jargon that a layman cannot follow.

4. Donate button
The goal of a charity website is to drive donations. Thus, the website should have a very prominent donate button that a web visitor cannot miss seeing. This donates button should also have a clear call to action telling the website visitor exactly what is expected of them, as well as what to expect after clicking the donate button.

5. Mission/vision
What is the charity event about? This should be well stated in the website's mission and vision statement. Having a clearly stated mission, vision, motto, and goals on the website help to communicate to the public exactly what you are fighting for and why you need to raise donations.

6. Funds Thermometer
On the charity, the website should be a very prominent gauge that shows how much has been raised over a given period of time. 
This gauge helps to show the charity organizers how far they have gone with regards to raising the funds needed. It also helps to show the donors how much they have been able to give towards the charity's kitty.

 It also helps a potential donor to see that the charity event has actually kicked off and that there are other people supporting it. Having such information helps all parties involved to put in more efforts in getting more people on the bandwagon to raise more funds quicker.

Simply put, your charity website should have a clear statement showing the reason for the charity event, a prominent button showing where one can give their donation through, and a clear measure of how much has been raised at any one given time, as well as how far you are from achieving the goal of the charity.