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What to Do With the Items You've Cleaned Out of Your Closet

What to Do With the Items You've Cleaned Out of Your Closet

Congratulations, you spent some quality time choosing the clothing items you loved. You've also picked some that you are ready to let go of. The next step is to determine what your options are for the clothes you are ready to let go of.

What to Do With the Items You've Cleaned Out of Your Closet

What to Do With the Items You've Cleaned Out of Your Closet

Sell them

If you have clothing in good condition you may be able to earn some money back by taking them to a local consignment shop. Look online for shops in your area that are accepting clothes now (call to find out). Bring your clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry to the shop after you make an appointment. Be sure the items are clean and in good condition.

If the shop thinks the items are a good fit for their clientele they will accept the clothes on consignment. If the items sell you will get a portion of the proceeds. If the items don't sell within a certain amount of time the shop will call you to pick the items up or often you can agree to have them donated.

Some resale shops will offer a price to buy your item and then sell it in their shop. This can be a great option if you would rather have the money up front than waiting to see if the item sells at the consignment shop.

Try selling them via Craigslist or eBay. Be sure to take good pictures and give accurate, interesting descriptions to get the most interest.

Host a garage sale. You can sell clothes and many other items. Take the time to display the items well on racks and folded on tables. Mark the items clearly and determine if you are willing to haggle ahead of time. Provide good lighting and a mirror to make shopping easier on your customers.
Swap clothes with your friends and family

Host a clothing swap with your friends, family, and neighbors. Everyone brings items of clothing that they no longer want and can choose from the items others brought. Provide drinks and food. Some fun music will help everyone have a good time.

Set some ground rules so your attendees know what they need to do (this might be their first clothing swap). All items should be in good condition with no holes or rips. They should be cleaned, dry-cleaned if necessary, and free of stains.

Determine ahead of time what to do it two people want the same item. You could flip a coin, answer trivia questions or play rock, paper, scissors. Make it fun.

Provide racks and tables so the clothing can be displayed and viewed easily. Have a mirror on hand and a room where ladies can try items on. Half the fun of these types of parties is trying the items on and getting feedback and outfit ideas from your girlfriends.

Don't let sizing deter you. We all know each manufacturer has a different sizing system. Encourage people to try items on. Larger items can always be tailored to fit correctly as well. Have the information for a few tailors handy for your guests.

Everyone can agree ahead of time on what should be done with the items that aren't chosen. Planning a donation run is a great way to deal with leftover items.

If you don't want to host a clothing swap see if one of your friends is willing or see if there is one in your community. Another option is an online swap site. There are a few options but since you have to deal with shipping it isn't quite as wallet friendly.

Donate them

Lastly, you can donate your clothing to your local thrift store for a tax deduction. Call around to schedule a pickup and they may even pick the items up right from your doorstep.
Offering your clothes on is another great way to ensure your items go to someone who wants them.

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