the guide to donate Cars for free

Car donation: the guide for those who seek or want to donate they are donating Cars for free

The sale of a donate Cars for free have you dreamed? Well, some do it! Giving one's car is a citizen activist, to allow RSA beneficiaries and those who can not afford one to continue to live, move and go to work. If you are interested in donating your used car, you can get closer to an association that helps unemployed people without resources.

Getting around remains a priority

People looking for a free car are more and more numerous and we understand why. Not to mention the cost of buying, even used, you have to have parking, maintain, pay insurance ... Fortunately, the oil has dropped, this is still the good news of the package.
When you live in the countryside, in a small provincial town, and you have to do several tens of kilometers to get to your job or job interviews to find one, not being conveyed is a real problem.
If you are in this delicate situation, get closer to an association that practices vehicle donation or solidarity renting.

The mobilization of Secours Catholique with the cars of the heart
Secours Catholique has understood this need of a part of the population, idle but eager to escape, following a natural disaster (floods).

Indeed, many drivers are insured to the third party and can lose everything in this case or do not have the financial means to pay for repairs, often important. In big cities, you can always take public transport as long as it gets stuck, but how to do it in the small ones?

The association then put in place its emergency plan: solidarity garage to ward off the most hurried, with the means on board, then a partnership with Autos du Coeur to relieve those who have lost everything in the disaster and who have to wait for the insurance starts (for who is lucky that it works).

donate Cars for free

The principle

Operation is based on giving and volunteering. An individual gives his Renault (or any other brand, whatever, it's just for the example), another, who has skills in mechanical repairs it so that it works perfectly, safely.

The recipient, he gives what he can to end up behind a steering wheel. If he does not have enough money, the Secours Catholique completes: ends the trouble to bring the children to school, to go shopping, or to go to the hospital. Being mobile is vital, whether to find work or for everyday life.

the guide to donate Cars for free

How to do

To give is very simple: a volunteer of the cars of the heart will come to recover your vehicle. Tax reductions are possible, inquire (tax receipt in your box within 2 months). Motorcycle, scooter, utility, truck ...
The association takes everything, with or without technical control and takes care of all the steps of the transfer. A small step for you, and a big step for the hope of those who are marginalized by their social condition. If you have nothing rolling to give, you can still participate in the common pot.
On the other side of the chain, it is the social workers who will work to find those who need it. Single mother, indebted couple, smicard, RS A, disabled ...donate Cars for free
There is no typical profile, the galley can take many faces, in the city as in the countryside. Know that it will still be able to contribute financially, even a little because there are fees such as technical control, or spare parts that had to change.

Help Auto 38 in Reprise for professional insertion

Another asset of the same type, which helps his neighbor when public transport is lacking. To give your car, the procedure is simple, and we recover a tax credit that can go up to 70% of the value of what we offer to those in need who have a difficult time to spend. The key is, therefore, to enable them to find a job more easily
Good to know: you can also rent solidarity provided you have a work contract and have difficulties to go to work. The request must come from Pele Employ, a local mission or a CC AS, and be accompanied by the desired dates.

The Solidarity 49 association

Many French people have a car in their garage that they do not use, and they wait patiently for time to pass. So it's time for them, so for those who want to do a good deed to put it back on the circuit, offering it to those who need it to get around.
And the opportunities to do so are many. For example, when the family is growing, we can be brought to change his little Clio against a C4 Picasso. If the car is no longer listed Argus, the garage or breakage will take it for 3 times nothing. As much give it to an association with the possibility of saving on its taxes.

The official administrative steps to give his car

We are in France, so there are formalities to respect, even in case of free transfer with a certificate in this sense to sign in several copies. One of them is for the beneficiary association, the other for you, and the last for the prefecture.

In the case of infractions committed after the transfer, it will not be for your apple, but do not forget to do it at the risk of having bad surprises.

Then, as for a conventional sale, it is necessary to bar the registration card by indicating "yielded" and the date of the transaction, plus submit a statement of the last technical inspection.

So we still have some hope in the human species! So roll on the road again.

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