tips for good donating cell phone

Tips for Recycling donating Cell Phones and Accessories

It is a really good thing that people are very much involved in recycling nowadays. Many people now realize the importance of taking care of the environment, not only to minimize pollution, carbon emissions, and the greenhouse effect but also to make the world a better place for the succeeding generations to live in. Recycling everyday products like plastic containers, glass bottles, and newspapers are as easy as bringing them to the nearby recycling center in your vicinity. Aside from these everyday items, you may also recycle old cell phones and accessories that you no longer use. If you have no idea how to go about this, here are some ways to recycle your phone and accessories.
Recycle My old cell phone  Website
Go to this website to find out how you can donating cell phones and accessories at no cost, and even earn yourself a tax deduction. On this website, you will find mailing directions, which would include how to print the receipt and postage that you have paid for. This website is so easy to understand that even if you are not internet savvy, you won't have difficulty in finding the information that you need.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Another way to recycle your donating cell phone is through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The organization's primary objective is to protect the environment through recycling. It works hand in hand with its eCycling partners. You can also get more information about the recycling process through the official website of the organization. Here is also where you can find information, such as drop off points or mailing addresses for the cell phone recycling program.

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National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)
If your phone is still working, but you no longer want to use it because you're upgrading to a higher model, you can give your phone to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) so that victims can make use of your phone during emergencies. The donation information can be found on the organization's official website.
More Tips donating cell phone 
Aside from recycling your old phone, there are many other ways to help the environment. For one, you can reduce energy consumption by using your phone less often. Switch to a power-saver system so that the donate your phone battery would last longer and you won't have to charge it very often.
In addition to that, you should also invest in high-quality cool cell phone accessories that would last a long time with you. Protecting the environment is not just about recycling old products but also minimizing waste. By investing in durable and cool cell phone accessories like a cell phone case, you would not have to buy this accessory every time it gets worn out.
Moreover, you should limit your texting and calling. Like in the office, instead of texting your co-worker, who is just a few tables away from you, walk up to her to say what you want. This does not only conserve energy but is also beneficial for health.

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